Grandad's Table

We bought this amazing table from a lady in Kent, she told us it had once belonged to her late Grandad and was over 100 years old! 

When we were back at the workshop the first thing we did was to sand off all the layers of paint and varnish, there were many! When the wood grain was finally revealed we thought it looked so gorgeous we ditched our plans to paint it and instead decided to treat it with a natural wax. Now Grandad's table has a new lease of life and is ready for it's new owner. 

We have selected Grandad's table to be the top prize for our raffle fundraiser which will be taking place at our opening event in the first week of November.

One entry will be given for every £5 donation made on our just giving page;

Please give generously, all proceeds are going directly to London Fire Relief Fund to help the residents who were so badly affected by the Grenfell Tower Fire.

Kelly Fysh